Blue Ribbon | Zach’s First Team Win
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Zach’s First Team Win

New team member Zach Koop wasted no time in getting on the team score sheet winning the CRCA A race on Sunday in what was a very well ridden team effort. The race started with extreme aggression and on the 1st lap a group of about
15 slipped off the front, which Mark Alden bridged to, unfortunately in vain as the break was caught less
than a lap later.

Almost immediately another break of about 15 went and this time the team had Alden,
Eddie Espitia and Big John Raheb in it. The representation was good with all the big teams
having multiple riders in the move. The group was too big however and had no
cohesion. Eventually solo-rider got off the front and stayed about 12sec.
in front of the group for several laps as it would accelerate and then fan out
across the road, resulting in the break being reeled in with about 1.5 laps to go.

As soon as it was caught however the team brought (a fresh from sitting in the field) Zach up to the front where he promptly
attacked on Harlem Hill; a group of about 6 formed. When it came down to the end Zach won handily, beating his breakaway companions by a good couple of bike lengths to cinch the win, in what extremely satisfying day that saw the entire team ride brilliantly

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