Blue Ribbon | Zach Koop 1988 – 2016
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Zach Koop

Zach Koop 1988 – 2016

Zach Koop was more than the perfect teammate, he was an inspiration to all. He was a gentle soul who treated everyone with compassion, grace and fairness.

Zach was never a man of many words, but always a leader in action. Always even keeled. Constantly smiling and embracing every moment. Loving and loyal. Selfless. Humble in victory. Gracious in defeat. He cherished life, friends and family. He lived the same way he raced. Full of fire. Full of joy. Full of panache. And with a mischievous grin originating from the corner of his mouth. Many of you have watched my boys in Blue slay themselves over and over for Zach; a futile attempt to payback all the beauty that he has breathed into our lives. We all knew that no matter how much we gave, he would give more. You couldn’t ask for a better friend or champion.

None of that would have been possible without the guidance and support of Zach’s parents Pete and Allison and the love of Zach’s life, Jill. All of which could regularly be seen and heard cheering on Zach and his team.

We will miss you brother!

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