Blue Ribbon | More Horsepower and More Results
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More Horsepower and More Results

The team is excited to announce the addition of Michael Zak to BlueRibbon. Mike is a super strong rider. He recently upgraded to cat 2 and It wouldn’t be surpising to see him and Zach upgrade to category 1 before too long. Mike won the last Rockleigh race and took over the points lead from Zach so at least now we can say the team still has the lead. Since that win Mike has sewn up the overall point lead for Rockeigh. And to think this is only his second season racing!

On 6/21 Brendan put in an incredible ride at Rockleigh. After working tirelessly at the front to help Zach, Brendan had to take matters into his own hands when Zach had to avoid a crash and had an unfortunate flat while in the leading break. Brendan managed to bridge up to the break and took a commendable 5th place. All this in 90 + degree heat.

On 6/24 at the Emrick Boulevard crit in Bethlehem PA Zach and Mike finished 1-2 in the cat 2/3 race. In the closing laps there was a break up the road and on the last lap Brendan went all out and brought in the break just before the last corner. Brendan had the field strung out and Zach was able to sit comfortably in 4th wheel until he opened up his winning sprint.

On 6/24 John Raheb did his first cat 1 race in Lewis Morris NJ and won! He said he was initially sandwiched between 2 seasoned MTB riders but eventually his road bike fitness and determination took over as he rode away for the win.

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