Blue Ribbon | Blue Ribbon/ outstanding spring campaign!
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Blue Ribbon/ outstanding spring campaign!

The team had an incredible run this spring with 14 victories, 2 second place finishes and 6 third place finishes. The team showed its depth by winning P12, masters, cat 3 and mountain bike races. Zach Koop won several big races and has earned a spot on the CRCA composite team for the Philly Cycling Classic.

Also of note is Al Blanchard’s off road dominance. Al has won 3 MTB races so far including the insanely demanding Wildcat 100 NUE race. Yes that is a 100 mile mountain bike race!

Below are the wins and podiums so far.
3/9 Mark Alden CRCA club race M45+ 2nd
3/23 Jason Brown Lancaster PA cat3 3rd
3/24 Zach Koop Bethel Spring series P123 3rd
3/24 Jason Brown Central Park Spring Series cat3 3rd
3/24 Thomas Pennell Central Park Spring Series M45+ 3rd
3/26 Zach Koop Augusta P123 1st
3/31 Zach Koop Prospect Park Spring Series P123 1st
4/9 Zach Koop Augusta P123 1st
4/15 John Raheb Augusta Masters 1st
4/20 Jason Brown Farmersville RR cat3 1st
4/20 Zach Koop CRCA club race P123 1st
4/20 Ira Krell CRCA club race M45+ 3rd
4/21 Al Blanchard Blue Mountain Chainstretcher cat1 50+ 1st
4/28 Bryan Dobes Alpine hill climb ITT P12 1st
4/28 Mark Alden Prospect Park Spring Series M45+ 3rd
4/28 Zach Koop Marlton Gran Prix P12 1st
5/5 Zach Koop Orchard Beach criterium P123 1st
5/12 Al Blanchard Wildcat 100 NUE MTB race M50+ 1st
5/14 Zach Koop Augusta P123 1st
5/18 Zach Koop CRCA club race P123 2nd
5/19 Al Blanchard Rumble in the Jungle MTB cat1 50+ 1st
5/30 Zach Koop Rockleigh criterium P123 1st

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